5 Essential Items Every Gamer Needs 

5 Essential Items Every Gamer Needs 

A serious PC gamer knows that gaming hardware is what elevates your gaming experience. A lot of PC gamers just have a computer, a mouse, a  keyboard and a 60Hz monitor. While that set up is playable, it isn’t exactly the best when it comes to playing competitive games like Fortnite. To elevate your gaming experience, you need to have the perfect monitor, a mechanical keyboard, a pc gaming mouse, a good set of speakers and a comfortable chair to sit in for hours aside from having the best gaming hard drives.  

Here is a list of all the essential items every gamer needs: 

1. Gaming Mouse 

Your mouse is of the utmost importance when playing any type of games. For example, a person playing a first-person shooting game will benefit from a gaming mouse because they get better at controlling their aim.  

Here are some other benefits of having a gaming mouse: 

  • Precise control

    As mentioned above, you get precise control with a gaming mouse. What you need to look for is the DPI or the dots per inch. A higher DPI will mean that the mouse will move faster without sacrificing accuracy. Some gaming mouse will even have an option of switching between DPI settings. 

  •  Added functionality

    Some gaming mouse will come with extra buttons in which you can map to do specific functions. A good example is the Razer Naga which comes with an additional 12 buttons on the side which you can reconfigure to do specific functions like casting a spell or changing weapons.

  •  Comfort

    You have to find a mouse that’s comfortable for you so you won’t get cramps while playing. Manufacturers work hard on making their gaming mouse ergonomic as they expect gamers to be playing for hours on end. This is also the reason why even casual users buy a gaming mouse as it’s more comfortable to use. 

2. Mechanical Keyboard 

If you were born in the ’80s, you would know how badass a mechanical keyboard is. That distinctive feel, look, and the sound of it is no match for other keyboard types. Mechanical keyboards have switches underneath each key. These are responsive and durable. This type switch also gives it that distinct clicking sound when you type. In recent years, even non-gamers are finding that it is a better choice over other types of keyboards.  

Here are some reasons why: 

  • Precision and accuracy

    A lot of you are still probably using a membrane keyboard. These are what you can commonly buy in any computer hardware shop, and they usually come cheap. This type of keyboard isn’t great when you talk about keystrokes and accuracy. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, has better responsiveness as you can even press a key halfway and it will still register. Moreover, it has a feature called n-key rollover that independently scans each key by the keyboard software. Having a feature like this will mean that each and every key registers no matter how many keys you’re pressing at the same time. Most high-intensive games rely heavily on each keystroke, and sometimes inaccuracies can cause you to lose. 

  • Ease of use

    Users of this type of keyboard also tends to suffer less fatigue when typing. This is because mechanical switches do not require you to press the key all the way down or bottom out the key for the keystroke to register. Another ease of use is the customizable keys. Just like the gaming mouse, some mechanical keyboards come equipped with additional buttons that you can remap to work according to your need.  

  • Durability

    This is a lot heavier than your average keyboard. They are also designed to have a longer shelf life. Mechanical keyboards have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. Some even come with a metal backplate making it even more durable.  

3. Gaming Monitors 

Gamers often overlook monitors. As long as it can display images, what could be wrong with it? But did you know that having a monitor designed for gaming can actually improve gameplay?  

Here are some reasons why: 

  • Higher refresh rates

    Refresh rates are measured in Hertz (Hz). A monitor with a high refresh rate will mean higher frames per second (fps), which reduces motion blur and provide smoother gameplay overall. When you have more frames to work with, it’s easier to aim or move around during gameplay. 

  • Lower response time

    Response time is measured in milliseconds, and it shows you how long it takes a pixel to go active and inactive. A lower response rate means that pixels are moving faster and makes your action almost real-time. This kind of feature is highly beneficial for those who play fighting games like Tekken as you need to see every opponent’s move to time your counter moves appropriately.  

  • Vibrant colors 

    Gaming monitors have better viewing angles and provide more vibrant color levels. Colors on your monitor play a massive part in making a game immersive and set the mood. 

Cheaper gaming monitors have a twisted nematic (TN) panel, they have a higher refresh rate, but color reproduction is poor. More expensive gaming monitors have an in-plane switching panel which offers more vibrant color and richer viewing angels but at the cost of higher response time. 

4. Gaming Headsets 

Gaming is more than just the visuals or the moving of the mouse, it’s also about the auditory portion of the game. A gaming headset will help you immerse into the game and improve the overall gaming experience. 

More than the visual cues, auditory cues can also increase reaction time during gameplay. Gaming headsets also come with a mic to make team-based games easier to play. 

Take, for example, people playing CS: GO. It’s a team-based game and communication is an essential aspect of it as you need to kill all your team’s opponent with the help of your teammates. 

5. Gaming Desks 

What’s the use of having all the best gaming gears when you don’t have a desk to pair it with. A gaming desk is designed to give you an environment that’s conducive for gaming and of course, winning.  

Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in a gaming desk. 

  • Bigger

    Gaming desks are bigger than ordinary office desks. This is because gamers usually have a bigger CPU and have a lot more gaming accessories. Some gamers also have a dual and even triple monitor setup. 

  • Clutter-free

    A gaming desk will help keep the clutter at the bare minimum which will help you focus on what’s important in the game you’re playing. Some desks come with shelves and extra spaces in which you can store computer peripherals that are not used often. Some even offer a way for you to hide those nasty cables making your gaming setup look cleaner and sharper. 

  • Stable

    Let’s face it, you’re spending hundreds of dollars on your gaming rig, and you don’t want to be placing it on an old rickety table. Gaming desks are stable and durable.  


Every item on this list is essential for any gamer to have the best gaming experience. These gaming essentials may cost a lot of money initially, but when you take into account that you won’t be replacing it for a long period of time, you can say that it’s a worthy investment.