Pros and Cons of Using Chatbots on Your Website 

Pros and Cons of Using Chatbots on Your Website 

Not everyone is familiar with the term chatbots but, in one way or another, has interacted with them. Chatbots serve as a personal assistant to every customer who visits your website without the need to hire new employees or look for an office space for them. A chatbot can effortlessly provide information that your customers are looking for while simultaneously handling the queries of other people without disrupting the flow of the business. 

Some of the main features of a chatbot are: 

  • Scheduling and editing your meetings or events 
  • Sending and receiving emails in your place 
  • Notifying you of personal and professional appointments 

There is an increase in companies that provide this type of computer services with the rising popularity of this innovative technology. If you are still doubtful on whether to use chatbots when creating your website, consider these pros and cons. 


1. Lightning-Fast Service

One of the top uses of chatbots is to help you provide quicker customer service to visitors to your website. All your customers need to do is to type in their inquiry and the bot will give accurate information in just seconds. They speed up the communication process, which will lead to an increase in your conversion rate. Gone are the days of customers waiting at the phone for their turn to speak to a customer service representative while listening to repetitive music or, worse, the company’s jingle.

2. Reliable Business

Chatbots provide service at any time of the day, no matter what time zone your customers may be. You can rest well at night knowing that they are taking care of your business on your behalf. These automated company representatives work 24 hours a day, leaving you and your employees to focus on other aspects of the business.

3. Cost-Effective Chat Support

With chatbots, you get the perks of having an extra employee (or a bunch) without actually hiring one. This saves you the cost of employee benefits while still providing your consumers with the same quality of care, perhaps even better than before. They’re also very easy to develop and maintain.

4. Customized Care

In every business, you want your customers to feel like a product or a service is made just for them. Chatbots can offer personalized experiences to your target audience because they use machine learning to know whom it’s interacting with. While it may seem creepy, the information that these AI agents collect is legit and based on data that your customers freely provide on your website. 

5. Valuable Data Collector

The combination of artificial intelligence and personal interactions make chatbots an ideal tool for data collection. Recognizing what your customers want allows business owners to improve their products and services. With the information that these automated agents gather, you can make well-informed decisions on where your company is going. 


1. Requires Straightforward Conversations

Even though chatbots use machine learning, they’re still robots that can only operate well when commanded a specific task. They are just as good as how their template is written. When programmed incorrectly, their limited database may backfire on your company and frustrate your customers, especially when your visitors go off-script. Moreover, they do not respond well to slang and sarcasm. 

2. Ideal Only for Linear Businesses

These AI agents are perfect for companies that offer a simple service. They work well for enterprises where customers’ requests are predictable and routine and for linear business models that require only simple conversions, such as: 

  • Car manufacturers 
  • Food delivery services 
  • Online retailers 
  • Travel agencies 
  • Franchises 
  • Ride-sharing platforms 

However, businesses such as B2B companies provide detailed and in-depth consultations to their clients, so chatbots are not the best tool for them. Plus, their customers would have lots of questions which would make it challenging in creating templates. Human-to-human interaction in customer support is still necessary for these types of industries. 

3. Appeal to Younger Customers

Millennials respond well to chatbots. A lead generation expert mentioned that chatbots mesh well with millennials’ need for instant gratification with regards to giving and receiving immediate feedback. However, the case is not the same for the older generation. So, if your primary customers are people aged 40 and above, it’s better to stick to the more traditional forms of communication. 


Chatbots are transforming how we do business. As an entrepreneur, you must keep up and research on how these automated customer service representatives can help your company. You can use them to respond to customer queries or as a way to disseminate information on your products and services.