Why Getting Dedicated Business Broadband Is Vital To Running An Online Business 

Why Getting Dedicated Business Broadband Is Vital To Running An Online Business 

Every online business requires internet connection, even if it’s for browsing and emails. Getting the cheapest internet service is understandable, especially if you’re just getting started and your cash flow is quite tight. But, you have to keep in mind that as your online business grows, you’ll realize that having dedicated business broadband can make a huge difference for the communications needs of your growing company. 

Although dedicated business broadband costs more than some internet solutions available for online businesses, it’s a good investment as your business grows. If you don’t have a clue about the costs of dedicated business broadband solutions, you can make a research or visit comparison websites, which offers a list of broadband providers.    

Why Your Online Business Needs a Dedicated Business Broadband? 

A dedicated business broadband is more reliable and secure compared to traditional broadband services. In addition to that, it often includes a firewall designed with extra protection from spyware and viruses. 

With a dedicated broadband for your business, you can be assured that you’ll get consistent speed and amazing reliability as well as connection. This kind of internet service is ideal for online businesses that rely on online applications and receive or send large files and maintain websites. To tighten the security of your files online, you can simultaneously use a dedicated broadband with a proxy server.

With today’s advancements in technology, efficient communication is vital in streamlining all business activities and to generate new customers. Thus, the ability to communicate with all of your existing and potential clients is also critical for any online business. 

It’s almost impossible to run an online business without having a reliable internet service. So, if you want to achieve success with your online business, it’s best to get a dedicated business broadband, instead of relying on traditional internet services, like the one you use at your home.  

Business-Grade Internet vs. Home Internet

As mentioned, internet speed is essential for online businesses because it means that you’ll be able to do more online if your internet is fast. Moreover, it means that more people can use the internet simultaneously without the need to worry about a slow connection. 

A dedicated business broadband features faster speeds compared to residential internet. This is because your internet speed will be prioritized by internet service providers compared to residential users, which means that the contention ratio or the number of the properties sharing the broadband line in your area is not as much of a problem.  

Dedicated business broadband also provides you more than what you usually get with home broadband. This is the reason why online businesses must invest with business-grade internet rather than relying on home broadband to meet all of your communications needs. 

Reasons to Get a Dedicated Business Broadband for Your Online Business 

If you’re still not convinced from switching to a dedicated business broadband, here are some compelling reasons why you must get one today: 

1. Faster Connection Speed 

Generally, a dedicated business broadband offers better contention ratios compared to traditional internet services. It means that your lines are separate and you’ll not share your line with other users. With this, you’ll not see a huge drop in your internet connection speed during busy hours. Your download and upload speeds will also stay the same no matter how many people are using your internet. 

Online businesses can also sign up for some services that are not made available to home users, like SDSL (symmetric digital subscriber line), which provides the same speed for download and upload. While the download speed is lower compared to a fiber-optic, it’s ideal for VOIP and some specialist needs. 

But, what you should know is that SDSL is quite an older technology. Although it’s still useful in some cases, the latest and faster fiber-optic broadband provides better performance with faster download and upload speeds. 

2. SLA (Service Level Agreements) 

Other business internet providers provide robust SLAs (service level agreements) to guarantee that you’ll get what you have paid for. 24/7 support, low latency, and great uptime are some of the things guaranteed in SLAs. Regardless of the price tag, the peace of mind that SLAs offered for business owners is often worth it. 

If all of your expectations are outlined in SLA are not met, you can ask for compensation from your internet service provider in a form credit, early contract termination, and discounts. 

3. Ideal for Downloads and Uploads 

Internet service providers know that businesses have varying needs to home internet users. This is the reason why they offer fast upload speed, which is important when sending or receiving huge file transfers. A dedicated business broadband can offer you quick uploads, but it depends on the type of package you have chosen. 

In terms of the internet speed, the bigger your staff base is, the more internet speed your business requires. With 2 persons downloading data, the speed for download will be cut in half. Therefore, if there will be 5 persons who’ll download files simultaneously, it’ll take longer for every person to download every file. That’s the reason why bigger businesses with more users require faster internet packages. 

For instance, if you run an online business with several employees using the internet and phone at the same time, you’ll have to pull out big guns and opt for bigger internet plans. However, if you run a small online business, you don’t a big internet package. You might just want to add cushion to the speed of your internet to make some rooms for your business growth. 

If you worry about the cost of your business internet in comparison to the residential internet packages, you can guarantee that it comes with a wider spectrum of benefits, which include faster upload speed and reliability. That’s why your investment is worth it. 

If you need help with your different business needs, it’s important to talk with your chosen internet service provider for the variety of dedicated business broadband packages. If you don’t want to end up with regrets or any inconvenience in the long run, never rush when it comes to the selection of your internet packages. Although the cost of such packages can be a bit pricey, your online business will surely benefit from these. 

4. Improved Security 

Since cybersecurity is crucial, every broadband package comes with different levels of internet security for online businesses. With a dedicated business broadband, you’ll get more business-focused and better security software. Your internet provider can also provide you extra measures, like VPN or data backup. 

These days, a lot of online businesses face cybersecurity threats, which may include viruses, hacking, malware, and so on; nobody is exempted from such threats. Regardless of whether your online business is big or small, there’s a risk of cybersecurity threats. The damage of security breaches to your reputation and finances can be costly. This is the reason why you have to protect your business system and network. 

So, before you choose any package for your dedicated business broadband needs, you should determine your needs first to get the right internet solution for your online business. 

5. Home Working Support 

A dedicated business broadband can offer a secure VPN for your online business. It’ll let your remote employees carry on with their responsibilities no matter where they are, while maintaining your business security.  

A VPN typically requires a reasonable download and upload speed to work properly, which is not a problem with a dedicated business broadband. So, whether you or your staff want to work remotely, expect that this kind of internet connection supports home working. 

6. Comes with Other Web Services 

Your online business doesn’t only need dedicated business broadband to operate. More often than not, you’ll need more to make your business grow. This is the reason why some service providers offer other web services that your online business might need in the long run.  

Some of these include servers, cloud storage, domain names, and so much more. Usually, you’ll not get such things with residential internet packages. 

7. Share Your Internet Connection with Every Employee 

Once you find your existing internet connection slowing down, it’s because of the number of users connected. Each time you add a new member to manage your online business, you’re actually increasing the pressure on your line, which may cause a slow internet connection.  

Upgrading to faster business broadband service will provide you lots of bandwidth that you can share with your employees and have more leftovers for busy days. 

8. Dedicated Internet Connection for Everyone 

DIA (dedicated internet access) is an important tool for any online business. It’s a private connection for businesses, so you don’t need to share your bandwidth with anybody else.  

This is something that only dedicated business broadband can offer and not available on other internet packages. 

9. Static IP Address

Many home connections typically use dynamic IP addresses, where the IP address may change if routers are disconnected. However, businesses that run with VPN links and servers require a static IP address that doesn’t change, which can’t be found in home communications. But, with a dedicated business broadband, it’s always available. 

Basically, a static IP address will let you connect with your computers more reliably and easily. Although some people don’t need one since you can do various online activities using a dynamic IP address, a static IP address has serious benefits, particularly to a growing online business.  

With this, you can access your computer wherever you are, get direct emails, run your server, host a website, and so much more. This is why your business will definitely have a competitive edge if you choose a dedicated business broadband. 

10. Get Dedicated Customer Support 

The majority of internet service providers have separate technical and customer support queries for businesses with a team of professionals who’ll prioritize all of your concerns, especially when it comes to voice communications and VPNs, which are considered critical in businesses.  

This only means that you’ll not get stuck in queues waiting to talk with somebody about your internet concerns. A dedicated business broadband has its own dedicated customer support that’ll offer more tailored and specialized support for you. 

11. No Downtime 

As an online business owner, you cannot afford downtime. If you’ve had problems with your home internet before, odds are you had waited for a few days or weeks just for a professional to check your connection and get back your internet connection. If your internet connection is unavailable and down, you won’t be able to do your daily activities with your business.  

The best dedicated business broadband service provider knows how frustrating for business owners a downtime is. That’s the reason why they always have experts who are ready to help or assist you with any concerns related to your internet connection and get you back online as soon as possible. 

12. Allows You to Achieve Stable Communications with Your Clients 

Every online business owner wants to do more with lesser resources, particularly when the available technological advances make it possible. These days, you want to work smarter and look for ways to get rid of inefficiency without making your customers frustrated with your service online. With the time spent on communications daily, it only makes sense to have a stable internet connection to boost the competitive advantage of your online business when it comes to communication. 

With a dedicated business broadband, it powers every communication device of your business without the need for you to think about degradation, which is often referred to as converged communications. Through bringing together your business networks, it offers a seamless environment that’ll let you do communication effectively and efficiently. For this reason, you’ll be able to improve the productivity level of your employees and boost your customer service at the same time. 

The Bottom Line 

A dedicated business broadband may seem to be an expensive investment for some online businesses. But, what you should know is that its benefits outweigh the cost you pay for the service.  

Some of its benefits include increased customer satisfaction, improved website accessibility, enhanced network security, and low operating costs. Just make sure to get a dedicated business broadband from a reliable service provider to meet all your business goals and make your business grow.